Tp52 - 52002
52002 Nose Cone
Close-up of ELINT nose cone
(Photo : Jonathan Henriksson)
52002 at the Swedish Air Force Museum
(Photo : Jonathan Henriksson)

This ex-RAF B.2 Canberra was one of two bought by the Swedish Air Force in 1959. Built in 1954 and originally numbered as WH905, it was modified by Boulton-Paul for use in radar and avionics flight tests. Designated as Tp52 by the Swedish, 52002 was delivered to their F8 Wing at Barkaby, near Stockholm, on 5 March 1960.

Both Swedish Canberras last flew in 1973 and are currently in different museums. Tp52 52002 is at the Flygvapen Museum where it was photgraphed recently by Lars Henricksson and his son Jonathan (the photos used are Jonathan's).

Lars has kindly translated an article about the Tp52 from the February 1990 issue of the Swedish Aviation Historical Research Group's magazine "Kontakt". The article gives some good background to the Tp52s and can be read by clicking the cover image.


Two photographs of Tp52 52002 from the Kontakt magazine are shown below.
52002 lines up for take off. Note that tip tanks are fitted.
52002 sits outside the civil Swedish Aircraft Workshops at Malmo.