907- IAF Museum
At the Indian Air Force Museum, Palam, Delhi (Photo : P V S Jagan Mohan)
From the other side (Photo : P V S Jagan Mohan)

This B(I)58, IF907, was to have been XH237 for the RAF but it, with several others was diverted off MoD contract as part of a 68 aircraft deal for India placed in January 1957. [For listing of other B(I)8s that were diverted off contract to India see the Table of B(I)8s]. The Indian Air Force has been the largest single foreign user of the Canberra and required that their B(I)58s were fitted with extra navigation equipment, including a radio altimeter, and other mods.

Jagan's photographs show IF907 in very clean looking condition and on display under the sun at the Indian Air Force Museum, Palam, Delhi. The equipment arranged in front of this B(I)58 includes a bomb-bay mounted additional fuel tank. and two 1000 pound bombs.